Private Office Cloud

Flexible workspaces

In the current day and age, we see work become more flexible and fluid. Often employees need to work from home. If your company has many locations, the private office cloud is what you need and is the glue which binds the various locations together.

Open Source

Our private office clouds are built on top of open source technologies. That means you will have a modern Ubuntu desktop together with software like LibreOffice, Firefox and others. There are no license fees.

Run from the datacenter

The private office cloud runs entirely in the data centre and consists of mail, fileserver and a remote desktop. The desktop can be accessed from any location at any time. Working at home is just like working from your own desk at your office. The desktop is based on the state of the art Ubuntu desktop and is complemented by calendar, address-books, PDF viewing, office programs, and more.

Accessible from anywhere

Naturally you can view your mail, calendar and contacts on your mobile phone. Also, you can use your desktop from any laptop by utilizing an internet USB stick. This means you can use your office infrastructure even when traveling by train.
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…but also closed source

Any program which is not open source we can publish on the desktop. This means there are no restrictions in which programs you need to deliver to your employees. Our experienced helpdesk will assist with any problems your employees might have, ensuring the experience is and stays a very pleasant one.

Ubuntu Desktop

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