High Performance Hosting

Website hosting

Most servers can easily handle a website. What happens when one server is not enough? AccelCloud hosts high performance, redundant websites. By using not one, but clusters of more than one server (10 servers is not an exception), AccelCloud is able to deliver an infrastructure which will meet any number of visitors.

Scaling web applications

AccelCloud is able to look into your web applications and make them scalable and reliable. By partnering with us, we will help you realise any amount of visitors on your site.

High availability

Websites are becoming more and more important. Some companies even depend on them, as they are their core business. In case of downtime, the companies will lose significant productivity and revenue. We can solve that by making your website always available. This means there will be no single point of failure in the hosting environment.

Load balancing

By implementing load-balancing (using more than one server to process the webpages requested), the load of the web visits is spread over a number of servers, thereby securing availability and reliability.

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